Artificial Intelligence
We structure information
Create knowledge
We create knowledge
Create knowledge

AI solutions for
small and medium sized companies


Identify the significant

  • You receive more documents than you can screen in time?
  • Reading these documents is time consuming and cumbersome?
  • Even attentive reading does not bring out the essentials?
  • You only want important information?

We create tools that analyse large quantities of documents, extract and rate their content and condense the information into abstracts.

You save time reading irrelevant documents and receive the information you need to manage your company.

Anticipate trends

  • You get monthly reports that are of no use?
  • You receive evaluations that are mutually incomparable?
  • You cannot trust the underlying numbers?
  • You simply want to anticipate trends?

We develop forecast systems that auto­nomously and precisely identify significant events and trans­parently point out correlations.

You quickly realise in which direction situations evolve and where to focus your resources.

Decide effectively

  • You constantly need to make imporant decisions?
  • You lack the time to scrutinise your decisions?
  • You barely can verify the consequences?
  • You want to decide accurately and effectively?

We build decision support systems that organise your information and prepare recommen­dations in a trans­parent way.

You can identify new oppor­tunities and optimally decide even under tight time constraints.

We offer

Management and IT consulting


We analyse processes and corporate data, search for anomalies1) and potential areas for optimisation. We derive key issues and recommendations.

The resulting framework of specific actions helps you tackle the most significant issues in no time.2)

1) we utilise analytical methods based on artificial intelligence
2) typically an initial analysis takes 2 to 5 weeks depending on subject complexity

AI solutions

We develop tailored models with the ablility to adapt, learn and answer questions at the push of a button, facilitating the right decision at the right time.

We provide:

  1. Feasibility calculation and business plan3)
  2. Prototype development
  3. Data acquisition
  4. Model validation
  5. Client side implementation4)
  6. Presentation of results5)
3) over 40% of all AI projects fail due to insufficient business plans according to Forrester
4) installation is carried out on client systems or suitable systems provided by third parties
5) typically the development of models requires 3 to 6 months depending on subject complexity
Artificial intelligence

Software development


Software tailored to your specific company requirements optimally aids your business processes and core compentences. We support you in developing and implementing suitable software projects.

Our contributions:

  • Manage software development projects6)
  • Analyse requirements
  • Document specifications
  • Support procurement and tender
  • Select solution partners
  • Program tailored solutions7)
6) PMI und SCRUM
7) We primarily develop in Python and JavaScript

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